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Pilates Mat/Reformer Teacher Training


About ME

In 2004, after a knee injury, I wanted to discover why the injury took place in the first place. After researching different therapy options, I stumbled upon a Pilates Studio in Windsor. After my sessions and feeling all the benefits Pilates had to offer, I decided to move to Toronto to get certified at STOTT PILATES. As a Human Kinetics graduate, I have learned how the body moves and the science behind it. Through my continuing education with Pilates, I have learned about muscle imbalances and how crucial it is to have a strong neutral posture. With 18 years of Pilates experience, I want to share this amazing knowledge with you, so you can apply it to your practice!


Course Objectives

This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Pilates mat and reformer instruction. Over a span of ten weeks, the course covers various topics and learning objectives.


We will start off by diving into the study of anatomy, developing an understanding of the muscles and skeletal structures relevant to Pilates. We will then learn how to analyze and assess postural imbalances in class participants.


Next we will explore the five basic principles of Pilates, emphasizing the significance of breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement, and head and cervical placement.


The following weeks address specific aspects of Pilates instruction. We will learn matwork exercises and gain proficiency in executing, modifying, and cueing them effectively. We will then progress to essential and intermediate reformer exercises, gaining the knowledge to guide clients through both levels.


In the final two weeks, participants explore the creation of flows, incorporating small equipment such as the Pilates ring, stability ball, and resistance bands to enhance their classes.


By the course's end, participants will have a solid understanding of Pilates principles, proper exercise technique, class sequencing, and teaching methods for mat and reformer sessions. You will be equipped to confidently instruct Pilates classes, helping clients achieve their fitness goals while prioritizing safety and alignment.



None! Basic Anatomy is an asset but not required. Previous experience taking pilates mat or reformer classes is an asset but again not required to enroll in this course.

Course Outline

Week 1 - Anatomy

Week 2 -Postural Analysis

Week 3 - The 5 basic Principals

Week 4 - Matwork

Week 5 & 6 - Essential Reformer

Week 7 & 8 - Intermediate Reformer

Week 9 & 10 - Creating Flows, Small Equipment


Weekly Breakdown

Approx. 6hrs - In Person Lessons

Approx. 2hrs - Practice Teaching

Approx. 2hrs - Physical Practice/Observation

Additional Requirements

Physical Practice - 20 additional hours Observation - 10 additional hours Practical Exams - 2 (to be completed within 6 months)

What's Included?

- 100hr Pilates Mat & Reformer Teacher Training course

- All physical practice sessions

- Access to Reformer Session and Mat classes

- Mat/Reformer Support Materials

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